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Current Screenplays:

SECOND SON (2011). (1 hr. 44 minutes). Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline: A second son begins his innocent life with an unsolicited handicap, being second in birth order. Robbed of love his older brother effortlessly receives from his parents, he turns to the Church. More problems arise when he grants his older brother an unusual favor that violates his priestly vows. And then when his domineering father and mother mysteriously die, the second son becomes the most likely suspect.

Author's comments: This story is about Robert, the second son, overcoming deep-seated resentment about not being loved enough as a child, and seeing his whole personality and moral sense of right and wrong unravel. This screenplay is written as a movie trilogy in the form of the movie The Borne Identify or the television series The Pretender.

UNORDINARY LOVE  (2012). (1 hr. 23 minutes). Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline: Two unlikely lovers, step-sibilings Kay and Carl, slip into an unrelenting relationship when they cross a boundary they never thought they would. While their on-again off-again relationship is strained the stakes rise higher as each of them struggles to come with terms of their individual loss of innocence.

Author's Comments: Two teenagers search for love with the confusion, doubt, inconsistency, and uncertainty that accompanies it. Both fight for each other's acceptance, which is to be expected; they lack life's experiences because of their ages; they are a work-in-progress. As they grow older, all their good senses to fix the troubles they have caused each other are insufficient; they both end up with none of the love they yearn for.

THE INTERVIEW (2012). (1 hr. 45 minutes). Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline: When happens when a normal job interview turns into a life and death drama? The lives of a job candidate and all employees are turned upside down when Gil Jackson, a disgruntled fired employee/disabled war soldier, bursts into the office to take everyone hostage. The employees and job candidate must pull together to overcome Gil's threat.

Author's Comments: Gil Jackson is a working-man type, carrying a lot of stress, and a little depressed over not being able to fully financially care for his non-working wife and ill child. He is normally a man of few words. He suffers from experiecning intense combat military incidences.

SCARLET ROSE (2012). (1 hr. 53 minutes). Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline: When happpens when Cass has an affair with her former college lover, Mike, during their colllege class reunion? While she thinks it will be a one-time fling, Mike has different ideas. And when he discovers that Cass's daughter, Scarlet Rose, is his child, conceived when he and Cass were in college, he threatens to tell Cass's husband.

Author's Comments: Cass loves her daughter, Scarlet Rose, and husband, Charles, but when she has an affair with Mike, her former college lover, she feels confusion and guilt. She is conflicted on what to do next but she must keep secret the identify of Cass's real father, Mike, at whatever the cost.


BOUND AND DETERMINED (2013). (1 hr. 31 minutes).  Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline: Susanne Attrice, 24 years old, single and pregnant, tricks Vincent, same age and naive, to taker her in. His domineering father objects. Before long she deceives Vincent to believe he fathered the child. While she snubs the child right after birth she changes her mind the following day after the child is taken from the Hospital. She is infuriated, and now is bound and determined to reunite with her baby.

Author's Comments: Susanne gets what she wants because of her clever and stained ways. But that all changes after birth and more so after the child is abductd from the hospital. Her old ways return as she decides to go it alone, rejecting help from others who only seek to lend a hand.

DESPERATE (2013). (1 hr. 26 minutes). Original screenplay. WGA registered.

Logline:  A family realizes the only possiblity to save their pregnant 16 year old child rests with one person. However, that person is a pediatric physician who is currently serving a 30 year sentence for performing illegal abortions, and the father of the teen is the Judge who sent him away. A severe weather storm makes travel extremely hazardous.

Author's Comments: A genuine moral dilemma exits when we find ourselves in a situation where there are conflicting values, and we believe there is no way to chose one value over the other, but we must. The crucial feature of this story's moral dilemma is how Judge Derek Todd will decide who will treat his pregnant 16 year old daugther when it seems the only option is to allow the physician whom he sentenced to prision for performing illegal abortions is the best hope.

CHASE (2014). (1 hr. 33 minutes). Adapted from published novel of the same title. WGA registered.

Logline:  A strong-willed FBI Agent doubts herself during an undercover assignment in a con swindling case. Her boss tells her to set aside her troubles in order to chase the con swindler, yet she stubbornly deniens any problems. In a short time her undercover work is in jeopardy of being exposed while her boss struggles with his own issues.

Author's Comments: This story's backdrop is chasing a con swindler, yet the main story is about the consequences from choices people make in their lives, and how the summary of each character's experiences, tempered by time, manifests themselves to form a unique distinct signature of their individuality. While society plays a part, individuality mostly results from the path each person selects. And while the choice may not always lead down the perfect path, it makes up our human matrix.

FAR FROM ORDINARY (2014). (1 hr. 27 minutes). Original. Inspired by a true story. Copyright 2004. WGA registered.

Logline: An average human being begins his young adult life as a soldier in World War II. He is faced with incredible challenges, yet, each time he is able to overcome the ordeals. However, he never suspects that the World War II souvenir he sent to his parents at War's end would test his moral principles, beliefs about fellow human beings, and his religious convictions. Sixty years later he realizes the souvenir is the desk set that was used to sign the Munich Pact, and many people desperately want it.

Author's Comments: This fictional story is spired by real incidentces of the adventure of a WWII soldier and a far from ordinary sourvenir.

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DECEIT (2014). (1 hr. 51 minutes). Adapted from published novel "Haunted Memories." WGA registered.

Logline: After two thirteen-year-old friends argue, one of them goes missing. No one knows what exactly happened as the event becomes a forgotten footnote. Twenty years later the missing boy appears as a devious adult criminal. One of his childhood friends begins the search to bring him to justice, yet in the end his sneaky devious ways bring him down.

Author's Comments: As in the vein of my other stroies, this one is also about human challenges, moral principles, and relationships. However, here we have Dave Stagetto, the villain, who tries to work through his inner demons through deceit and crime. In the end he is not able to overcome the mess he puts himself in when contronted with the law. He breathes his last breath.

FAKE MEMORY (2016) (1 hr. 31 minutes). Original screenplay. Copyright and WGA registered 2016.

Logline: Shirley Turner wants to achieve the greatest feat of all time in erasing the line between human-born and human-made by creating the purest form of human. She finds herself in a combative match with the twins she’s created who want nothing more than to find out who they really are and to survive. But everything comes at a price as the twins form a bond that takes revenge on their biological mother.

Author's Comments: This is a medium budget suspense/sci-fi film with 4 of the 5 main characters female. The film is without special effects and can be filmed in limited number of locations.

BETRAYAL (2018) (1 hr. 47 minutes). Adpated from published novel, "Betrayal." WGA registered.

Logline: Whitney Danica, 31 years old, knows what it’s like to be betrayed. Today, she is protective of her personal life, works harder than most, and finds intimacy through one night affairs. When new owners take over the Company her internal alarm system picks up a threat. She wonders who will betray her next.

Author's Comments: This is a medium budget suspense filw with strong female lead character. The film is without special effects.

HERO (2019) (1 hr. 19 minutes.) WGA registered.

Logline: Chronicles the life of Trevor Donald Brewer from childhood to a hero as a USAF Sergeant during the first Islamist terrorist attack in Germany on March 2, 2011 at the Frankfurt Airport. After the shooter kills two U. S. Airmen and wounds two others, the gun is pointed at Brewer, but the gun jams twice. The shooter drops the gun and flees into the Airport as Brewer becomes the pursuer. He ultimately takes down the killer. Brewer is awarded the Cross of the Order of the Federal Republic of Germany. Brewer is a  Wounded Warrior Ambassador while remaining active duty.

I, MORENA (2020) (60 minutes.) WGA registered.

Logline: Even as a child, Maria Dominquez believed she had choices and her opinion mattered. While she didn't articulate it this way, starting as a child and continuing to the present, she never thought she was too young to start dreaming, and now never too old to believe her dreams won't come true because dreams have no expiration date. She's always believed to be worthy of something wonderful to shine on her despite her life never being easy. This story reflects on the most significant events in her life and how those experiences and choices she made crafted her to wo she is today.

Author's Comments: This is true story with a female Latin-American lead character that is inspiring and portrays Latin-Americans in a positive light. Maria Dominquez has a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Leadership and is an active duty Parole Agent in San Diego County. She is a heroine and a woman on fire with more yet to come.