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I am a prime example of someone who’s refashioned my career to stay in step with the changing times. In fact, you might say I wrote the book on it with "Career Management and Employee Portfolio Tool Kit, 3rd edition" along with  “Re-Careering At Any Age,”  "How To Write a Book and Get Published," and "How To Write a Screenplay" workshops. I hold a M.M. from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and a B.S. from Union College. I am a faculty member with several San Diego, California universities and a former U.S. Air Force officer and a Human Resources professional. I have several published books (both fiction and non-fiction that are in paper and e-book format) and screenplays that have been adapted from my novels since 2003. I am frequently a television and radio guest on the topic of re-careering, plus I am a member of Publishers & Writers of San Diego, and Read Local San Diego. I live in Carlsbad, California. I hope you enjoy my stories.


About The Books (All Books are Printed in the U.S.A.)

Career Management and Employee Portfolio Tool Kit, 3rd edition (2010). This workbook posits that your career is a dynamic process that requires constant re-evaluation and fine tuning as experience dictates. With practical exercises focusing on his model, Five Sigma of Success, this Workbook helps the first-time job seeker, those re-entering the workforce or changing jobs/careers, and those currently employed who seek advancement evaluate who they are, what they want to be, and how to get there.
(ISBN: 978-1-4107-1100-7)

Leader Champions: Secrets of Success (2004). This is a dynamic text about your choices for leader champion actions that focus on what it means to be a leader in the 21st Century, and what some practical techniques used by those who have made it to the executive suite. This is a no-nonsense text to stimulate your leadership, human relations, and personal growth competencies. (ISBN: 1-4184-3684-4)

A Tale from a Ghost Dance (2003). The story centers on the title's reference to the ancient Native American ceremonial dance where the spirits of the ancestors are called upon for their wisdom and advice. But, in this tale, it is an Anglo woman who has unwanted visionary powers. The protagonist, Victoria, is a high-powered marketing executive who does not accept her gift until she encounters a Native American elder, Joseph. However, some tribal members resent Victoria. This ensures intra-tribal conflicts as well as mysterious circumstances involving one of her clients that place her and others in peril. ISBN: 1-4107-1384-9)

The In-ter-view (2003). What happens when an ordinary job interview turns into a life and death drama? A female job candidate's life, along with others in the office, is at risk when a disgruntled fired employee who is a disabled combat war soldier takes everyone hostage. He wants an apology from the owner of the company and his job back. Everyone must put aside their differences in order to survive. (ISBN: 1-4107-0876-4)

Talking Rain (2004). The story is  about a twenty-year-old murder case that sent a man to death row. One evening, however, alone, with no one to talk with, Lucy Lodine unexpectedly walks into Precinct 21 to break her silence. She confesses to the murder, unsuccessfully convincing the authorities that her husband on death row is innocent of the crime. When people who had been involved in the crime start to die, she gets the authorities attention, particularly of Detective Jack Bogle. Mix in academic rivalry, problem gambling, an alleged affair, and a callow policewoman with her on-again off-again relationship with a reporter, and you have an incredible topsy-turvy ride. (ISBN: 1-4140-6648-1)

Uncovered Secrets (2005). What would you do if your darkest secret was about to be revealed? This is a mystery novel that takes place in a movie theater. Blend in a ghost, the theater's sexy and manipulative employee, the theater's film projectionist, a callous cop, the theater's manager who shows signs of being in a profession too long, a brash young female executive, and an emotionally needed woman. The final secrets are revealed on North County Road.  (ISBN: 1-4208-1795-7)

Midnight Blue (2005). After two bodies are exhumed, the police begin to suspect foul play and question their original findings. Were lies purposely told and the real suspects purposely not questioned? Throw into the mix a love affair between a cop and the daughter of the prime suspect, and you have a story you will want to read straight through. (ISBN: 1-4208-6397-5)

The Veil of Ignorance (2006) is a suspense novel about Tommy Hogan, an outstanding University educator, whose loneliness and search for happiness gets him embroiled in life and death situations. As his vulnerabilities surface, he easily becomes a target by those seeking revenge, greed, and status at the expense of others. It takes Tommy a while to realize he is being conned, and when he does, he understands that his misguided affection is actually towards the very person who seeks his demise. The face-off at the end helps him remove the veil that shrouds his ignorance. (ISBN: 1-4259-1695-3)

Yellow Moon (2006). One year after the conviction of Jimmy Lupo, a man accused of robbing a bank, Bella Lupo, the daughter of the convicted man reaches out to Ned Francis, a private investigator, to dig up evidence that her father had taken a fall and been wrongly imprisoned for the crime. Although the hard-nose detective is initially skeptical, he eventually believes that her father was in fact a patsy. Although he slams into one dead end after another, the detective never gives up the search for justice. However, he begins to fall in love with the prisoner's daughter, and it seems he is captivated by the daughter's good looks and seductive ways. Is he really convinced of her father's innocence, or is he too much in love to see the real truth? With strange obsessions and lust for power, a climactic standoff will shock you. (ISBN: 1-4259-5112-0)

Hidden Dangers (2007). Follow a journey into hidden dangers of espionage when two veteran spies face off in a cat-and-mouse game to dupe the other. Then, throw in an unexpected love affair, a troubled paranoid personality, a greedy and manipulative boss, and a young agent who desperately wants to free himself from the spy game. You will be surprised when you read the final chapter. (ISBN: 978-1-4259-9710-6)

Haunted Memories (2007). Thirteen-year-old Dave Stagetto goes missing, even though his best boyhood friend, Billy, knows something, but keeps it a secret. While the small town of Hadley grieves for a short time, Dave's mother falls deeper into depression to the very core of her soul. She does not know what to suspect. Worse of all, the haunted memories, thought to be discarded with time, emerge twenty years later to everyone's surprise. Childhood relationships change as they grow older. The search for the truth shifts between San Diego, California and Lisbon, Portugal until the terrible secret is unveiled. This is a riveting suspense thriller. (ISBN: 978-1-4343-2852-6)

Bound and Determined (2008). Susane Attrice unexpectedly becomes pregnant. A person who likes being in control, she is not sure of the identity of the biological father. Her life quickly turns upside down. Then, suddenly, her infant child is abducted. She suspects who the child snatcher might be, so she now is bound and determined to be reunited with her infant baby. It proves tougher than she ever imagined. As she begins putting pieces of the puzzle together, she shoves aside those who are willing and able to help her the most. Does she have enough inner strength to go it alone or will she reach out for help? This story will take you places you never thought existed. (ISBN: 978-1-4343-7450-9)

Stranger On A Train (2008). Book 1 of a series. Are there bounds of human behavior that you will not cross, or aren't there? What someone may believe in and subsequently do as acceptable, another may find despicable. Paul Autore, an aspiring novelist, meets Marcus Varro on a train, and later receives an unusual letter inviting him to Sanibel Island, Florida to tutor Anne, his beautiful daughter. Even before he arrives at the spacious white mansion Paul suspects something else is up; and when he and Marcus almost die from an automobile accident on their way to the Varro residence tensions rise even further. Simmering family hatreds against one another heat up and put Paul in the middle. Caught up in things shockingly different than what he has ever written about or experienced, he might have to cross a boundary he never thought he would. Is Paul prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect himself? How far would you go? (ISBN: 978-1-4389-1490-9)

The Hiding (2009). Book 2 of a series.There are places, deep below the earth's surface where vampires exist, unknown to mortals. It is their Hiding place. No one knows for  certain their origins, although myths and legends abound. Yet, one thing is for certain. They battle each other to maintain some sort of balance of power among them.This all changes, however, as a beautiful young woman begins a mysterious transformation to become a hybrid, part human and part vampire. A bitter feud erupts as two vampire clans fight to claim her as their own. (ISBN: 978-1-4389-6206-1)

The Vampire Who Loved (2009). Book 3 of a series.  As this novel opens, Anne is awakened from a horrifying nightmare. She wonders if the dream is a predictor of events to come. All the while, her enemies, some old and some new, are intent to have their own way ... vampires who set in motion seemingly irreversible measures to do away with her. She calls upon Vincent Blackfoot, her closest friend and ally, to help figure out a plan. As the story rushes to a surprising climax, a suddent twist appears. Will she survive? (ISBN: 978-1-4490-2488-8)

Second Son (2010). He was born the second son and then violated vows he believed he would forever keep secret. This is an extraordinary story of psychological deception, sex, passion, and relationships. The book is about family members who jockey for attention, using each other as pawns to satisfy their own desires. At the heart of it all is how easily the second boy in a famly can suffer later on in his life from birth order. While set in the present time, this story could easily be from another period. (ISBN: 979-1-4490-7473-9)

Unintentional Consequences (2010).  Rand Bauge never thought he was simply working for wages when he was employed by the U. S. Government, although there were enough situations that would contradict that notion. He got things done any way he could; usually it was his way. No one seemed to care about the means that he used. Questions were rarely asked. Only the results mattered. He and his boss saw eye to eye on their relationship because it worked well for a good long time. Things are now different. He's on his own, retirement urged upon him against his wishes. The panic call he got from his second wife threw him for a loop ... something bad had gone wrong at home. He's got to get there fast before it is too late. However, along the way, unintended surprises block his advancement. Who's really out to get him? This might be his biggest test ever ... will he make it through the ordeal? (ISBN: 978-1-4520-6901-2)

Time and Money (2011). He was a bad-tempered young man at 18 and got even surlier as he aged. Then, his life got more complicated. The old man took advantage of others for most of his life. In fact, he enjoyed reaping the benefits from the pain of others. He figured it was just the way it was, as the Sun rose in the East and set in the West. Then, late in his years, he meets Riley Sullivan, a good natured fellow, someone who perfectly fits into his scheme to put the last touches on his existence. However, all his ill deeds and future schemes meet up with unexpected guilt as he tries to make amends. This is a fictional story that's got it all ... clever characterizations, fascinating plot, and surprises all the way. (ISBN: 978-1-4634-3945)

Unordinary Love ( 2012). What happens when harmless flirtations get out of control? When Carl joins the Whitaker family as an adopted boy, he is shunned by his older stepbrother Paul and younger stepsister Kay. However, over a short time, Kay's affection towards Carl grows while Paul's animosity with his stepbrother deepens with jealously. Kay and Carl become locked in a relationship so unrelenting that they become the center of each other's worlds, and are prepared to cross a boundary they never thought they would. As their teen years turn to young adulthood, unexpected changes occur that put more than just the two of them in life threatening conditions. Who will live and who will perish is not necessarily a matter of choice, but rather a matter of chance. Their almost unconcsious acts seem to turn into their lifes'fulfillment. (ISBN: 978-1-4685-4677-4)

Scarlet Rose (2013). Two former college lovers, Cass Westfield and Mike Aviara, rekindle their relationship at a college reunion. While she thinks it is understood to be a simple one-time fling, he refuses to allow it to end, resulting in emotional blackmail, stalking, and continued obsession on his part. Cass must distance herself from Mike to remain loyal to her family. However, when Mike finds out that her daughter, Scarlet Rose, was conceived by he and Cass during their senior year of college, he threatens to expose Cass' long held secret unless she leave her husband and take Scarlet Rose to live with him. (ISBN: 978-1-4817-0577-6).

Chase (2014). Sarah Noble is a strong-willed young F. B. I. Agent who begins to doubt herself about going undercover in a con-swindling case -- her parents were ripped off of most of their life savings. When her boss, Area Director Jackson Law, tells her to come to grips with the experiences of her parents, and to set aside any of her own difficulties, she stubbornly denies any problem and remains determined to pursue the hardened con artist. Then, in a short time her undercover work is in jeopardy of being exposed. Law's struggle with his own issues of personal relationships threatens his ability to stay focused on cathcing the swindler. In the end, it all comes down to  figuring out how to put away for good the master-closer, Jim Ranger, in spite of Noble's and Law's own troubles. (ISBN: 978-1-4918-3575-3).

Far From Ordinary (2015). In 1942 Tommy Martin enters the U. S. Army as an infantryman. He and 15,000 US troops land in Marseille under hectic and nerve-racking conditions.
     During the last few months before discharge Tommy is assigned to Munich, the location of Hitler's Führerbau. There he is ordered to protect priceless works of art that Hitler had stolen until the items can be turned over to the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives personnel. During that time a Sergeant in Tommy's platoon finds in the basement many personal items that belonged to Hitler; for example, two gold plated luger pistols inscribed to Hitler, a gold/ruby ring with a swastika and an ordinary looking desk with Hitler's initials and a swastika. Tommy takes an interest in the desk set and is given authorization to send the object to his parents as a War memento.
     In 1988, more than 40 years after World War II ends, Tommy Martin watches on television a RKO newsreel documentary that draws attention to Hitler's missing desk set, the far from ordinary item that was used to sign the 1938 Munich Pact. The narrator indicates the item has probably been destroyed, but if it still exists it is priceless. Tommy realizes he owns the lost item but is unsure where it is since his parents had passed away years ago and his parents personal possessions are no longer around. After frantically searching everywhere he finally finds the desk set underneath a bed in his house.
     Against the wishes of his wife he decides to find the value of the item. He teams up with his son and then later on meets a man who completes his inner circle. Disappointing leads and a trail of tears lead them nowhere as the trio runs into people who attempt to take advantage of them.
     In the end, Tommy questions if he's been chasing shadows for such a long time and should donate the desk set to a suitable museum as his wife had pleaded with him during all those years. (ISBN: 978-1-5049-0522-0)

Secrets Kept Hidden (2016). There’s a one-of-a-kind ring in a safe-deposit box that a man named Alder wants his hands on, so he and his mute younger brother take hostage the owner of the ring --- Jack --- and his so-called girlfriend --- Eva. The older Alder threatens to harm Eva unless Jack brings him the ring. After several nerve-racking hours they all come to understand the ring is missing from the safe-deposit box. The Alder brothers disappear with Eva leaving Jack alone. Within a very fast time the situation gets complicated and even confusing, yet someone needs to simplify it. When law enforcement is brought in, veteran Detective Mark Dockett is assigned the case along with his protégé Investigator Keelie Moraco. It doesn’t take long before suspicious things happen that cause Moraco to suspect a startling truth --- corruption in law enforcement. When she thinks she’s gathered enough evidence to expose the corruption and solve the ring heist, something out of the blue happens to this naïve woman in law enforcement that changes her mind and her allegiance forever. It seems everyone has at least one closely held secret. (ISBN: 978-1-5049-8075-3)

Betrayal (2017). Are trust and honesty dead, leaving betrayal as the singular course of normal human behavior? Whitney Danica, 31 years old, really isn’t a nasty mean- spirited self-centered person. It’s just that she’s been misled too many times starting when she was given up for adoption as a child. Today, she’s protective of her personal life and works harder than most of the rest of the workforce leaving not much time to develop any meaningful healthy personal relationships. She finds intimacy by paying male escorts to gratify her. When new owners take over the Company her internal alarm system picks up a threat. She’s got to find a way to not just survive, but to thrive. Yet, with no apparent person to turn to for help, how will she get through this danger? Is there someone she can trust? (ISBN: 978-1-5462-0834-1)

If you're not passionate about something it doesn't have meaning. Do what matters and ignore the rest.

Wouldn't it be nice to say to people we meet, "I know something good about you," and then treat them that way?

Choices We Make (2020). We all leave a trail in life, however small, based on the choices we’ve made. Sometimes we try so hard but do not succeed. Sometimes we get what we want but not what we need. Sometimes we love so much but never get love in return. Lilli Jackson, a divorced single mother of young Natalie, works as a Public Safety Officer for Verity Security, a property security firm, in a job she hates, but her boss is a gem and she’s paid enough to meet her and Natalie’s basic needs. She’d really like to meet the right guy and wear a skirt and blouse with nice shoes to work. She feels trapped. The choices she’s made that got her to where she is now will not get her to where she wants to be in the future. But figuring out where she wants to be isn’t clear, which makes the choices even fuzzier. (ISBN: 978-1-7283-4431-7)