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Re-Careering At Any Age Workshop


Antonio F. Vianna

Gold Watch Career Structure Gets the Pink Slip
Preparing for the Inevitable Five-year Boot in A 21st-century US Job Market

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Career Management & Employee Portfolio Tool Kit, 3rd Edition (2010)
                                by Antonio F. Vianna

Welcome to your very, very short career track! That's right; if you can hang on to the same job beyond five years, then consider yourself one lucky employee. But chances are, your boss will be tickled pink (slip) to kick your sorry bottom curbside when you're no longer needed. Now's the time to prepare yourself for the nine-point type résumé because you could conceivably hold at least a half-dozen ‘career path' jobs in your lifetime. And what better way to cushion your job's changing ups ‘n downs than with the ultimate guidebook that's dialed into today's dynamic job market.

Career Management & Employee Portfolio Tool Kit, 3rd Edition is a two-part workbook that focuses on up-to-date principles of managing your career and cultivating the prerequisite skills designed to empower individuals to assume direct involvement in the performance management process. Fear of failure; fear of success; fearful of what others might think or say; it all boils down to the same thing-your self-concept is the main roadblock to your dream career destination, and yet it can also be the key to your income-generating paradise, if you are willing to take charge and undergo some introspective self-evaluation. According to author Antonio F. Vianna, all careers pivot around five key elements: interests, competencies, motivation, capabilities and fit. These conceptual backbones, together with hands-on exercises, help the reader to assess who they are, what they want to be and where they want to go. Adaptable to solitary study or group participation via workshop or seminar, this workbook is not some sugar-coated career guide, but rather an honest, fair-handed, and realistic analysis of the grunt work one must undergo to discover themselves and the unlimited opportunities in the world outside-the-box. And is there a price one must pay to change? Yes. But why not invest in yourself; you're a priceless individual, right?

About the Author

I am a prime example of someone who's refashioned myself and my career to stay in step with the changing times. In fact, you might say I wrote the book on it with "Career Management and Employee Portfolio Tool Kit, 3rd edition. With a B.S. from Union College and a M.M. from Northwestern University, I am on a myriad university faculty rosters. From a former U.S. Air Force officer I parlayed into a professional human resources position within the private sector, and then into an A.C.E. (author, career coach, and educator). I am frequently on television and radio as a guest discussing re-careering and writing. I am a member of Publishers & Writers of San Diego, Read Local San Diego, and the Military Writers Society of America. I have authored 19 published books and 4 screenplays since 2003. I live in Carlsbad, Calif.



The Workbook described in the press release above is the cornerstone of the "Re-Careering At Any Age" workshop. In addition, the Workshop gives you guidance on how to brand yourself whether you are re-inventing yourself or joining the labor market for the first time. You've got to follow the same marketing principles that small and large businesses use to market their products and services. Further, you'll learn about the secretive code words that organizations look for when hiring personnel, and then, learn how to incorporate those code words into your cover letter, resume, and job interview dialogue. I've helped thousands of people from Seattle to San Diego find out who they are, what they want to be, and how to get there. Look for a Workshop near you ... if you can't find one contact me at; perhaps we can organize one in your area.

Remember these following six tips:

1. Find careers that interest you. Talk to others in careers that interest you; shadow others; read about careers and professionals in those careers.
2. Continually improve your competencies. Subscribe to relevant publications; attend workshops; join professional groups; return to college.
3. Be positively motivated; understand your core values and needs; stay focused.
4. Get out of your comfort zone; take reasonable risks; revise your preferences (location, industry, etc.); be a temporary/part-timer/contract contributor; start your own business.
5. Network face to face and on the Internet; subscribe to; write articles on
6. Find the right environment to succeed. Not all organizational environments match who you are and what you want to become. Pick your environment wisely.



There is a writer in all of us. Learn the five basic steps of writing a book: Planning, Organizing, Writing the Draft, Revising & Editing, and Submitting & Publishing. Writing is essentially a project. It is an undertaking that has a definitive start, middle, and end. There are specific processes that I suggest you follow regardless if your book is fiction or non-fiction. Additionally, this Workshop considers Branding and Marketing your book and yourself. Seasoned writers, new writers, and those thinking of writing will profit from this workshop. Look for a Workshop near you ... if you can't find one, then contact me at; perhaps we can organize one in your area.


There are five basic steps to follow in writing a screenplay: Planning, Organizing, Writing the Draft, Revising & Editing, and Submitting for Film Consideration. Loglines, synopsis, and treatments are discussed as well as professional resources available to help you get the most out of your writing are reviewed. Examples of screenplays using "Final Draft" format are offered and tips on how to pitch your screenplay are also presented. Look for a Workshop near you ... if you can't find one, then contact me at; perhaps we can organized one in your area.