Ghost Writing

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General Considerations


The price for a ghost writing project depends on the number of manuscript pages, single-spaced, and twelve-font size that is without graphics, pictures, or images. As a gauge, consider a 140-page single spaced, twelve-font manuscript without graphics, pictures, or images to become about a 300-page, 5 inch X 8 inch soft-cover novel. The number of words, graphics, pictures, images, spacing, font size, amount of white space, and other considerations further contribute to the length of the final document. Work is performed on a service basis - no deferred payments or royalties. One-third of the estimated total price of the work is paid to the ghost writer at the time of the contract agreement; one-third of the estimated total price of the work is paid at the estimated half-way point; the remaining dollars owed is paid once the work is finished.




Ghost writing books, memoirs, and screenplays without graphics, pictures, or images, single-space depends on the amoun of research and complexity of the project. Therefore, the entire project must be fully explored before a price can be determined.


Two-page resume/CV is $50.00 flat fee.




Three to twelve months on books, memoirs, and screenplays.


Thirty days or less on most resumes/CVs.




The client provides most of the detailed information and an outline for the document, and is available in person or by e-mail or telephone for further conversations about the document.




The client price includes one free round of editing changes on use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and use of words of the completed document. Further changes are based on the complexity of the changes, therefore, this is discussed before agreement on the total project.


Ownership and Confidentiality


The client owns the document. All information is kept confidential by the ghost writer.


Submission and Publication


The client is responsible for further initiatives such as submitting the document to a literary agent and published and for obtaining ISBN and copyright, for example. WGA registration of screenplays is the client's responsibility as is any copyright submissions for any document.